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Created by a 2014 Parents' Choice Awards winner Shepherd Kit, Inc., Adventurer's Kit is an revolutionary culture exploration + artifact excavation game that brings kids a true adventure experience. Kids will journey through the five ancient continents and 28,000 years of civilization to collect all the treasures!

Tornados, UFOs, Bigfoot, Kappas, and more. Overcome all the adventure obstacles through decision making, and collect more than 50 treasures on your journey to become the true adventurer!

From the lost empires of the four continents, comes more than 30 ancient cilivization that once ruled the world, including Egypt, Greek, Maya, China, Persia, and lots more.

Through a series of research and testing, we are finally ready to remake the greatest legacy of civilizations out of the EXACT material, such as Terracotta Army with 100% pottery.

Place the landscape boards and create random maps for each gameplay.

Roll a dice and adventure through the ancient four continents.

Collect the artifacts on your way, and beware of the random encounters that may occur.

Dig out your ultimate treasure and become the great Adventurer!

The world map is just too small for you?
Try the Mythology Expansion Pack! The expansion includes 4 great mythologies of all time, with 4 different cosmologies and numerous legendary treasures to discover.

Wooden carved stand with an acrylic cover, the Collector's Showcase can easily turn your home into a mini museum.

Extended introduction to the 8 greatest cultures of all time, including ruins, artifacts,and more! 8 pages of hard cover folding guide.

"The contents took us on a magical learning adventure."

- Tracey Clark, 2014 Parents' Choice

For years playing with kids, we've always been amazed by how they crave for learning, especially when they find it interesting. That's why in 2014, we founded Shepherd Kit, Inc., an educational toy & game design company for pre-school to primary school children. So far, our products have linked learning with play in a simple way, winning us multiple awards for toy and education product designs. This time, we want to make something beyond imagination. Let us present you Adventurer’s Kit.

Who designed Adventurer's Kit?
Adventurer's Kit is designed by Shepherd Kit, Inc., an award winning toy designs team. For the past 2 years, Shepherd Kit, Inc. has linked learning with play in a simple way, winning awards like as Parents' Choice Silver Honor, Dr. Toys 100 Best Awards, Tillywig Awards, and more.
Why are you using Kickstarter?
We are using Kickstarter because we are building something beyond any other toys or games. In Adventurer's Kit, we present a set of true artifact remakes, made of genuine materials such as pottery, metal, and wood. So far, we have figured out all the technical elements to re-create these artifacts, but we need your help to overcome the challenges of mass production at an affordable price.
What time does the campaign start?
Our campaign on Kickstarter is scheduled to start at Nov 11 2015 11:00 AM EST. It is estimated to be delivered to your hands 4 months after the campaign ends. In case you miss the early bird special, we encourage you fill subscribe to our mail list.
How old can a child play Adventurer's Kit?
We tested our game for more than 100 children from ages 3 to 12. The fact is, children have way more potential than we think. Even for a 3 year old, he/she is capable taking care of the artifacts; and for a primary school children, they can learn the most out of it under the guidance of parents or teachers.
What are the artifacts made of? Do they break?
The four major artifacts in Adventurer's Kit are made of Porcelain, Wood, Pottery (Terracotta to be specific), Metal (Aluminum-Copper alloy). As any other artifact that you can find in the museum, they DO BREAK. But that's the point of it, we want to convey the realistic idea of how good real treasures should be taken care of.

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